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Where is the Digital Key / Cloud Connect service?

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like most other owners, we only got one key fob and have been waiting a few weeks for the other one. i tried using the spare key to unlock the car once but it just sets off the alarm 馃槃 and obviously can't use the Start button...
the toyota "My T" app works great to remote lock/unlock the car, so the car is connected to the internet and all that is working fine. however it would be amazing to be able to unlock and drive the car away without needing the key fob, since my partner invariably has gone off with the key and then i can't use the car.
this screenshot below is suggesting that Remote & Digital Key Sharing option should be available in the app but i only have Smart Services, Smart Charging, and
Connected Services. these are already activated.
Has anyone else managed to use the Digital Key option to start their car without the key fob?
i was on to customer support they didn't seem to know much about it.
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I had the same issue when my only keyfob failed. I tried to use the digital key but it only opens the doors, turns on the air and can monitor your GPS on it if you've loaned your car out. In other words, the digital key does everything but the most important function, move the car. Only way to get the alarm to quit when you've used this key or the baby mechanical key in the fob is to rub the bottom of the fob on the start button. Nothing else works....good luck, second key fob would solve both our problems.
something's not adding up though. according to all the marketing / sales info, the digital key service is able to lock/unlock AND start/stop the car to drive away. i'm pretty sure the functionality we both have is just part of the "smart services" and nothing to do with the digital key service. i've asked tech support to escalate my query and will update this thread with whatever they come back with.

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The Toyota sales info doesn't say you can drive the car, just start or stop it.....I think it's more of a question as to what it doesn't say. I can't drive mine with just the digital key, but then again I received no instructions from the dealer.
Having a digital key that doesn鈥檛 allow the same functionality as a traditional key fob seems pointless, IMO.
But it would allow you to put your fob in a small metal box and hide it in the car when you went jogging with your phone and then unlock the car when you got back, just don鈥檛 park out of cell service range. Still, not as useful. I can鈥檛 see why anyone would pay for that service. I would rather they put their engineering effort into getting the vehicle to charge at a decent rate.

For my US-spec Solterra (similar to BZ4X AWD Limited with a few more features otherwise available only on the RZ 450e), my attempt at a DCFC session at 28% State of Charge and a 70 degree battery temperature resulted in a peak charging rate of 45kW. What a joke.
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