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Looking at those photos, I prefer the bZ4X's painted fenders vs. the Solterra's fenders. I'm usually not a fan of "debadging," but I'd probably remove that small EV badge on the fender too.

That Subaru-exclusive blue is a nice color, though.
I too like the Painted Fender.
Although, i like the badging. :p
I also like the Blue color. In fact, i liked the Subaru Red color over the Super-sonic red of the Toyota.

On another note...
I wished that the bZ4X had FOG LIGHTS (I predict next year or two, will have it).
Also, wish that the bZ4X had the digital mirror, pre-set seat settings, and Advanced Parking feature!! (also predict that Toyota will introduce these in later models of the bZ4X, since all of those options are Toyota parts originally anyway).

What I couldn't get past that the Solterra didn't have was the "radiant heat" need/want that for my area.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts