Toyota is expecting to sell less bZ4Xs than they do GR86s in 2023!

That's incredibly low for an electric SUV in a booming segment.

"Car and Driver reports that Toyota only intends to sell about 10,000 bZ4Xs this year, which, as the author points out, is less than the number of GR86s that it sold last year. That 10,000 number is certainly a lot more than 1,200, but compared to the rest of its competitors, it’s not a lot. Ford sold about 40,000 Mach-Es in 2022, while Tesla sold more than 200,000 Model Ys.

According to Toyota, that’s by design. It can reportedly build six RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrids with the same number of materials it takes to build one bZ4X. And if we’re talking Priuses, that number rises to 90. Because of that, Toyota would rather focus on hybrids over EVs.

That said, Toyota does reportedly plan to launch a new marketing campaign later this year to remind potential customers that the bZ4X still exists even if they’ve already forgotten about it or never knew it existed in the first place. But that marketing campaign won’t roll out until May."