If you have a bZ4X that's been affected by the wheel hub bolt recall. Toyota is offering to buy back the vehicle.

For a company with Toyota’s outstanding quality reputation, it’s a shocking quality problem.

Even stranger, Toyota is struggling to solve it.

Owners Can Choose: Indefinite Loaner and Cash, or Sell it Back
The company has now sent a letter to some owners, confirmed by a Toyota spokesperson, offering them a choice:
  • Accept an indefinite loaner car, free fuel for that car, and “a credit of $5,000 toward payments of your car loan/lease or purchase price.”
  • Alternatively, “Toyota will offer to repurchase your vehicle.”
A spokesman says the terms of the repurchase offer will vary depending on the owner’s “state and particular circumstances.”

Some readers will no doubt recall that Subaru plans its own version of the car. The two companies developed their first mainstream EVs together. The bZ4X shares almost all of its parts with the 2023 Subaru Solterra.

Subaru, however, hasn’t yet delivered a Solterra to a customer in the U.S. Subaru dealers were instructed not to sell the first few Solterras in their inventory while the company works on a fix to the wheel problem.

A Subaru spokesperson confirmed to KBB this morning that all Solterras “have been contained by Subaru and our retailers.”