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Toyota EV customers can now use a tool to find potential incentives for their cars.

The Toyota EV Incentive Finder powered by EV Life helps find federal, state, and municipal incentives for people to benefit from.

  • Incentives Engine based on EV Life’s proprietary data
  • Free tool available now on
  • Customers can find qualified tax credits, rebates, and other incentives simply by entering personalized information
PLANO, Texas – (Feb. 22, 2023) – Toyota customers considering the purchase of a new Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) have a new tool at their disposal to help find available incentives. Now available on, the Toyota EV Incentive Finder powered by EV Life makes finding federal, state and even municipality incentives much simpler. Using EV Life’s proprietary “Incentives Engine,” Toyota customers will be presented with potential incentives of the available 470+ EV tax credits, rebates, and other benefits like HOV carpool decals and toll discounts.

“We’re excited to collaborate with EV Life to offer Toyota customers a simple tool to navigate the process of finding available incentives on the purchase of a new Toyota BEV or PHEV,” said Michael Moore, general manager, Toyota vehicle marketing. “The Toyota EV Incentive Finder tool is simple to use and aids customers in making an informed decision on which vehicle is best for them. Best of all, they can access the tool on via their phone, home computer, or while at a Toyota dealership.”

Shoppers already spend a lot of time researching their next vehicle purchase. Electric vehicle customers can face additional challenges navigating different government websites to understand the complex rules and requirements related to tax credits, rebates and incentives. The Toyota EV Incentive Finder, powered by EV Life, can quickly provide available options, offering potential pre-purchase and post-purchase incentives by deciphering which ones may apply to a customer’s unique details.

“We’re proud to power the Toyota EV Incentive Finder experience, helping Toyota’s customers discover all the amazing time and cost saving benefits of driving electric,” said Kevin Favro, EV Life Co-Founder and Head of Product. “Government incentives are not a simple Google search away. They require countless hours of research on complex rules across multiple government websites. We’re excited to empower Toyota customers to generate a personalized list of their maximum incentives, in seconds.”

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Using the Toyota EV Incentive Finder powered by EV Life, customers can input data specific to their location, household size and income, tax filing details, electric utility and more into the tool. Within seconds the tool generates a quote for potential incentive packages, based on EV Life’s 20-plus data points across every zip code in the country. Available now, Toyota customers can locate the Toyota EV Incentive Finder tool by visiting the vehicle pages for the bZ4X battery electric vehicle (BEV), as well as the respective pages for Toyota plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) including the Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime.

In addition to providing incentive quotes, the tool also includes additional information from EV Life highlighting the benefits of switching from a gas vehicle to an electric vehicle. This includes details such as average annual savings on fuel costs and maintenance, as well as the estimated amount of carbon that can be reduced, and more.

For more information, please visit

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I too played with this today... unfortunately there isn't much for my State! One item came up, rebate for qualified in-home charger (which I already talked with my state and for some reason CHARGEPOINT WAS left off the list! Why? because charge point wouldn't return any of there messages that asked them to share proof that the charges were automated and could be controlled via Wifi...) I wanted to tell my state people, are you dumb? you can read and see it on their web-site! Why don't YOU do your research! wow! And I reached out to ChargePoint myself to reach out to them, but what did i get... the commercial sales people and they said talk to someone else and it went DARK... duh... nobody cares enough to do their jobs anymore.

I'm still going to file for mine and include a pamphlet with the information about Chargepoint and tell them to read the referenced materials. ha ha ha... should go over like a ton a bricks... In fact, i know what the answer will be... "Sorry sir, Chargepoint is on our PRINTED approved list" duh!
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