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Toyota bZ4X EPA-Estimated Range Numbers

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The 2023+ Toyota bZ4X is expected to get an EPA-estimated range of 300-miles when configured as a "long-range" model. On the lower end with the standard range battery, it's estimated to be just over 200-miles.
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I've long believed (as mentioned in another post) that auto makers should explore the possibility of offering low-range and high-range variants of their vehicles, purely to help consumers offset upfront costs if a long range vehicle is not required.

It should be simple enough to remove cells from a battery pack, considering all auto makers are moving towards universal platforms for their cars, and as battery cells tend to become more modular. They could even explore low, medium and high-range variants, maybe a 125, 200 and 300 mile option. Build the car around the 300-mile configuration, and remove some of the cells in the build process to produce the low and mid range options. Perhaps battery packs could be added on in the future if a low-range consumer has a life change that requires more range. Adding modular battery cells as an upgrade is not only an ideal solution for the consumer who would otherwise require a new car if the low-range option doesn't work anymore, but it would give Toyota some after-sale business on the vehicle too.

Giving consumers choice and the ability to control some costs isn't the worst idea, as long as it's viable for the auto maker of course.
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I wonder if Toyota is planning to start using their soon-to-be-revealed solid state batteries in the "BZ"
I do not remember the source, but I read Toyota may be making a deal with BYD to use their lithium-iron batteries. I haven't read much lately about the SSBs that Toyota was working on in-house. They are difficult to manufacture and that has held back the SSB for many years.

FWIW I predict that whatever type batteries are used, Toyota won't be able to get enough of them and the BZ will be a low-production model for some time.
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According to Toyota the bZ4X will have "a manufacturer-estimated range of up to 250 miles for XLE front-wheel drive models."

Toyota’s all-electric bZ4X made its U.S. production model debut today. As a leader in electrification, Toyota’s introduction of bZ4X represents the first of a global series of battery-electric vehicles to be introduced under the global “Toyota bZ” brand umbrella. Once the rubber hits the road, bZ4X will have a manufacturer-estimated range of up to 250 miles for XLE front-wheel drive models.
Good find @normimb and welcome to the forum! It'll be interesting to see how that range increase correlates to the North American range numbers. It's annoying how range is calculated differently in each part of the world.
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