The bZ4X is the first vehicle to feature the newest Toyota Safety SenseTM safety package (TSS 3.0).

Driver Assist and Safety

bZ4X is the first to feature the latest Toyota Safety SenseTM safety package (TSS 3.0). This system has been enhanced by expanding the detection range of the millimeter wave radar and monocular camera. Toyota has enhanced the performance of each function and added new functions to assist in normal driving conditions. For example, the Pre-collision system has been enhanced to offer Low-Light Cyclist Detection, Daytime Motorcyclist Detection and Guardrail Detection. Also, lane recognition is enhanced to add improved functionality while in Lane Tracing Assist mode. The goal of TSS is designed to help prevent or mitigate accidents, further reduce traffic fatalities and injuries and ease the burden on drivers.

Blind Spot Monitor is standard on all grades. A new safety feature and a Toyota First, Safe Exit Assist, is also standard on bZ4X. This system helps support avoidance of collisions between an open door and/or occupants who have exited and vehicles approaching from the rear. As part of the Blind Spot Monitor functionality, if the system detects an approaching vehicle and judges that there is a possibility of a collision with an opened door or passengers who have exited, an indicator in the outer mirror is lit to audibly alert the occupants. Even with the door closed, the indicator will be lit if the system judges that there is a possibility of a collision if the door is open.

Bird’s Eye View Camera with Perimeter Scan including 360-degree Overhead View in low-speed drive and reverse, and Curb View is available on the Limited grade.

The engineering team strategically placed the Top-Mounted Meter right above the steering wheel with the goal to reduce the number of times the driver takes their eyes off the road. The parallax angle of the meter also extends the perspective for the driver when viewing, also achieving a reduced response time between the road and the MID. Even the steering wheel is more ergonomic — the spoke width has been reduced, achieving excellent grip comfort and the diameter of the wheel is smaller to allow for a meter layout that requires minimal eye movement.

In terms of battery safety, Toyota added many measures to help protect cell integrity, thanks to the design and a multiple monitoring system intended to protect the vehicle’s battery system.

This includes:

  • A meticulous production process that helps reduce contamination of battery components to help bolster battery durability
  • Redundant monitoring of battery voltage, current and temperature designed to detect signs of abnormal heating to maintain optimal battery temperature and help prevent cell damage
  • Utilization of a high-resistance coolant circulation system is designed to help prevent fire from short circuits even in high battery load conditions due to repeatedly switching between high-speed driving and rapid charging
  • Integration of the high-capacity battery pack within the floor of the body frame structure is designed with protection in mind in the event of a collision