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Toyota BZ4X Dismantling Manual

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Just googling around and came across this. Hope it can help someone…or is at least interesting.

it’s interesting also that this manual states FWD / AWD is designated by the 5th character, not the 7th (7th is one that changed to C on my VIN).
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I had found that, too, but the source I used was one of the Toyota bZ4X service manuals on

I don't have a current subscription and I failed to save the document.

It is true for the bZ4X that position 5 indirectly specifies how many wheels are driven by how many and which motors are configured:

5 Motor(s)
  • A - Front 1XM motor
  • B - Front 1YM motor, Rear 1YM motor
7 Series
  • A - 10 series 2WD (XEAM10 - XEAM10X for Solterra)
  • B - 15 series 4WD (YEAM15 - YEAM15X for Solterra)
  • C - only 4WD/AWD observed, unknown distinction
While position 7 describes the vehicle series, which is a much more complex structure, but which also addresses 2WD/AWD.

I suspect that the RZ 450e will have something like a "C" in 5 (for Front 1XM, Rear 1YM) engine configuration, as might the rumoured GR bZ4X.

But position 8 is an "A" for bZ4X and Solterra to indicate an EA10 bZ4X. That will likely have something like a "C" for the RZ. But with other vehicles coming out, they might consume some of the letter values (same for motor configuration at #5).

Here's the Solterra service manual cheat codes for the US and Canadian models:

Font Material property Pattern Number Parallel

And here are some observations (unsorted and unconfirmed in some cases):

XEAM10X Japan FWD Solterra

YEAM10X Japan AWD Solterra

XEAM10 Japan FWD bZ4X

YEAM15 Japan AWD bZ4X

XEAM10 Euro FWD bZ4X

YEAM15 Euro AWD bZ4X



-MWDHS Japan




XEAM10L Hungary FWD bZ4X

YEAM15L Hungary AWD bZ4X

-MWDMSW Comfort bZ4X (Hungary)

-MWDPSW Prestige bZ4X (Hungary)

-MWDHSW Executive or Premier bZ4X (Hungary)

I suppose it is possible to have a two motor FWD, two motor RWD, four motor AWD, three motor (1 front, 2 rear or 2 front, 1 rear) and single motor AWD (with center diff) for #5/#7 engine/drive combinations.
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Thanks for the great write up. Maybe you should bring the VIN decoding thread to the BZ forums!
PS-damnit, still want know what the hell the C is on my VIN at position 7….lol sort of!!
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