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Toyota bZ4X AWD Sets Lowest Record In 10% EV Road Trip Challenge

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Out of Spec Reviews put the bZ4X AWD (US Spec / CATL Battery) through their 10% road trip test.

The test involves bringing an EV to a charger at 10% battery, charging for 15 min and seeing how far they can go at 80 mph before it drops back to 10% charge.

Their results show the bZ4X AWD was only able to cover 42.2 miles. In comparison a Model Y Long Range was able to do 98 miles and a Taycan Long Range RWD covered 140 miles.

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Lowest record... Out of 3 cars, one of which is significantly more expensive than the other two. This certainly will not be one of the Bz4X's strengths, but the test doesn't mean a lot until he gets more cars through it.
It will still likely rank in the lowest 10% of the current model year US BEVs.
It will still likely rank in the lowest 10% of the current model year US BEVs.
Oh, absolutely. Might beat a Leaf or a Bolt. Maybe. But not in the cold, or after a long trip. But still, while it's the worst performer so far, it's also in third place on this test, so bronze medal! 😁
Nissan Leaf: “
Go the distance, and more
With an EPA range up to 212 miles, fast and easy charging, and innovative tools designed to help stretch your miles and battery, a weekend road trip is never out of the question.

Yeah, you know what you’ll be doing, sitting in a DCFC station most of your weekend. Better make it a four day weekend.

I DCFCed my AWD CATL model (Solterra) yesterday for the first time, started at 29% State of Charge (as reported by OBD II), stopped 21 minutes later at 42% after only 16kWh and a peak rate of 45kW at a minimum battery cell temperature of 75F.

On the highway I get about 3.1 mi/kWh, so I added 50 miles of real range (69 additional miles on the Guess-o-Meter since I mostly drive in-town).

Disgustingly slow.

Where is the 100kW charging rate? (The Panasonic pack with 150kW charging rate probably isn’t much better).

Good thing we mostly L2 charge at home.

Welcome to owning a 2020 Nissan Leaf Plus with a nicer interior. Only three years behind at the moment.

I am looking forward to that vaporware May 2023 firmware upgrade. Let’s see, they’ve got one more week to ship it.

Otherwise, we love the Solterra Touring, which is all of the features (except the radiant knee heaters) of the Limited, plus a handful of features that the bZ4X doesn‘t have, like Advanced Park.

I am glad the Toyota CEO resigned. He presided over the development of this sub-standard charging and range BEV.
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