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Recent Toyota keys have a mode that puts the key into sleep mode (hold the lock button down and tap the unlock button twice). Whilst this can prevent relay thefts, does the BZ4X adopt the same approach? The reason I ask is that it's a bit dumb. Other manufacturers have a motion sensor in the key that puts it to sleep automatically. That seems far more sensible as you don't have to mess about with button clicks, remember to put the key to sleep, or fiddle with the key when you go outside to open the vehicle.

On a related matter, relay theft is big business now and, frankly, I'm very surprised that readily available scanners can scan / impersonate keys with ease. It strikes me that someone messed up really badly when designing the communication protocol being used. It must be terribly insecure if it can be hacked in this manner.

A secure comms protocol (for example https as used by this website, and TLS in particular) is highly resistant to man-in-the-middle attacks because the protocol was designed from the outset to expect eavesdroppers. Note to vehicle manufacturers: if you haven't done so already, use a secure protocol resistant to eavesdropping, and turn the key off automatically when it's hanging on a hook.
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