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Recent Toyota App update killed my DIGITAL KEY.

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I'm not sure what Toyota did when they updated the app, but this past week, it killed my Digital Key and i haven't been able to get it to work again after trying three different times for a total of 3 hours.

Ideas I've tried:
Delete the App, then reinstall.
Delete my phone from my car's Bluetooth, then reinstall.
Deleted the Bluetooth connection to my car
Deleted the Bluetooth connection to "CAR Digital_Key"

Followed ALL the directions in the app to the "T".
1) open app (download digital key if you haven't already). This wasn't an option before deleting and reinstalling the app. Now when i try to download it it warns me that it believes its already attached to another mobile device, I ignored this and downloaded it anyway)
2) get inside the car with phone and key-fob
3) start the car
4) Connect to Bluetooth (this is where it just get stuck typically, but now that I've deleted and reinstalled the app it comes up with this error "Connection Unsuccessful, Make sure "CAR Digital_key" is turned on and in range" ... bwhaha, um ok, i'm in my car with it turned on, how much more do you turn it on? ha ha ha.

So, I'm stuck, the only thing, so far i haven't tried, is to see if my wife's digital key still works (as she typically doesn't update apps automatically).

Anyone else playing around with the Digital key?
Have you updated your app recently? If so, does it still work?

UGH. I simply like things like this to just work, and NOT get broken when there is an update. (luckily all my other app functions work just fine).
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Android or iOS?
Sorry should have mentioned. iOS
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Sorry should have mentioned. iOS
Hmm.... I had to re set up mine but it works... Kinda.... It's never worked that well.
Go to Security in the head unit remove digital key and pair it again this may get it to work.
So, it looks like my Digital Key is deleting itself every single day. Ever day I have to re-download it. What a PITA.
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