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Possibility for a fully electric Corolla-like vehicle

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Do you guys think Toyota is going to make a Corolla-like BZ electric model?

From what I saw of the BZ lineup theres a vehicle that looks like a Corolla Hatchback...

I know electric SUVs are more popular but not everyone wants an SUV!
Share your thoughts on the possibility of a fully electric Corolla :)
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Welcome @EVyota.
An all-electric Corolla hatchback to rival the Volkswagen ID.3 would be great but I think as a small crossover it will be a better global vehicle. The concept you mentioned does seem to be a bit on the crossover side but I could be wrong. What do you think they should do?
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Well from my point of view, not everyone wants or needs a crossover, a car handle better than a crossover, is more energy efficient due to being lower to the ground, generally cheaper to build, and purchase.
A sedan with an electric motor on the front axle is a really simple set up.
The goal of a Corolla is a simple accessible, comfortable and dependable vehicle. I get why many people are going for crossovers, myself included with a RAV4 Hybrid, but ID still appreciate the pure simolicty of a Corolla.
If we all drive SUVs where's the uniquenes
Thats my opinion on the topic, of course.
It is very likely the Corolla-like BEV hatchback is coming.
But due to battery placement under floor it will be almost compact SUV-like.
For instance, ID.3 is 1.55m tall, while the compact SUVs Lexus UX is 1.54m and CH-R is 1.56m.
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