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Asking... did any of you get your BZ4X EV? My husband & I ordered one in NY which is 6.5 hrs away from where we live. Put money down on the BZ4X Limited which had everything we hoped to get. We signed a sales agreement back in early Sept to qualify for the 2022 7500$ tax rebate. still do not have the car. We were told that Toyota has released them for the end of November so that we can pick up... STILL haven't heard yet... then I am told 100% we will have it before the end of the year.

Now here is my issue... we watch a LOT of reviews on YouTube... tonight watched a review by the "Electric Viking" out of Australia. He said there is a review group in Norway that tested the BZ4X multiple times and is calling out Toyota on the range. That their tests show that it is performing at 40% less in range than what was put out there. In their tests, they did not use inside battery drainers... like turning on the heat, AC. etc. So NOW we are freaked out... The dealership where we can get BZ4X is in NY about 6.5 hrs away from our home. They raised the price $5,000 over MSRP which we expected would happen.... and the Limited trim with extras we got inlacing tax is running us a little over $57,000.

MY Q TO ALL OF YOU.... IS IT WORK GETTING AN EV BY Toyota? first there was a problem with the wheels..... and now the battery isn't up to par... the range is much less.... not sure if it is worth it and I am a lifelong Toyota fan. Anyone out there that DOES have the BZ4X that can speak to the range of the battery between charges?

Thank you


Sorry, just seeing this now, but had to chime in on the Tax Credit... if you didn't get a signed (binding agreement) by 8/16/22, then as of the current rules and regulations, you won't see any of that tax credit. (unless congress for some reason decides to vote on extending the date to at least the end of the year.... otherwise the moment Biden signed the new IRA, it killed the current tax credits on the day that he signed it.)

the BIG RED Disclaimer at the top explains some details as the currantly stand... By the way this Fuel Economy site now had the bZ4X listed! Finally!
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