There's a severe lack of them, if any at all, and the industry needs to pick up the pace.

Here's a good read on the need for them and other things to go with.
"Basically, electric fast chargers need to be in a greater variety of places, especially those that are easily accessed from highways like gas stations are. Frankly, I think the Shells and Mobils of the world installing EV chargers at existing gas stations and gradually accepting the future would solve a lot of this (and wouldn’t be a terrible business decision), but let’s just assume they’ll be anti.

So, here’s my idea: High-speed chargers need to be installed in significant numbers at highway rest areas. These are quickly accessed, as opposed to be ensconced within a labyrinthian shopping center parking lot. They also provide bathrooms, water, areas to stretch your legs and let your dog pee. That takes care of two of three reasons you typically stop during a road trip: refueling and calls of nature."