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Level 2 connector in Canada

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Hi folks -
Excited to be taking delivery of our BZ4X in Victoria, BC on Monday. We need to buy a Level 2 connector for charging at a public charging station. Eventually we’ll have a home charging station but not yet, as we’re moving so will do that in our new home. In the meantime we need something that will allow us to charge at a public charging station. We live on a small island so really need to find something quickly. If any other Canadians have done this and have recommendations, we’d be grateful! Thanks from a couple of old, very green newbies 😊
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Since nobody else has answered, I'll give it a shot -- hoping I'm understanding your question correctly. I'm in the U.S., but I assume that public charging stations in Canada are similar to here -- they have the connector and cable built into the charging station, so you just activate the charging station and plug in with their equipment. (I've heard that in at least some areas of Europe, you need to carry a double-ended cable in your car that you plug into the charging station and your car to charge. Not sure if that's what you were referring to, but that's definitely not required in the U.S. and I don't think so in Canada, either.)

Either download the PlugShare app or go to and enter the location where you're looking for charging. You should be able to locate a local Level 2 (several hours or overnight to charge) or a DC Fast Charging station (30-60 minutes to charge). You will likely need to download the charging network's app in order to charge. Some common charging networks are ChargePoint, EVgo, Electrify Canada. PlugShare will tell you the network associated with the charger. You may find Level 2 chargers that are free and ready to just plug in at grocery stores, parks, etc., but don't count on that being the case.

Sounds like you were planning to pick up your car today. Hopefully, your dealer charged it up at least to 80 or 90%. If so, you can probably keep it charged up by charging overnight with the included 120V charger, as long as you don't need to take a long trip.

I highly recommend to everyone -- even if they have a Level 2 charging station at home -- that they get out there and charge at some public chargers so they get some experience before they're are out there far from home and needing a charge.

Just in case you're not aware, you will not be able to charge your bZ4X at a Tesla SuperCharger station (that is slowly changing now), but you can charge at a Tesla Destination charging station if you have an adapter. (That's more likely to be done by more experienced travelers.) If you enter your vehicle model into PlugShare or other apps that you use for charging, those should be filtered out.

Hope this helps!
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