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Level 2 Chargers

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I’m trying to prep for my BZ when I get it (hopefully soon) I haven’t seen much on recommendations for chargers at home. I’ve seen that they offer free fast charging with EVgo, but where I live in upstate NY it’s not an option. I seen something about toyota teaming with CharePoint+, does that mean they include a level 2 charger with every purchase? Or can I just buy a ChargePoint charger from my toyota dealer?
What chargers do people recommend? What amps should I get to charge it the fastest?
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If you build a bZ4X on Toyota's web site, you can see that they have a ChargePoint available to purchase as an accessory. No need to purchase that one, though. If you have an EVgo credit, you can use it on ChargePoint through a partnership between those two. I'm not so sure I'd count on free charging with EVgo working on ChargePoint. It's worth asking about, though.

As far as suggestions for a home charge station, if you go to the a RAV4 Prime, VW ID.4, or other EV forum like this one, you can find a bunch of discussions.
Check with your electric utility, here in Vermont they have a special rate for EVs and supplied me with a ChargePoint L2 at not cost. It’s an interruptible rate, but they rarely use it
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