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Ioniq 5

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There's a lot of ionic 5 reviews out today. Hopefully the BZ4X sepcs will at least match they Hyundai!
what car:
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late brake show:
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Welcome @wanders!

Have you discovered anything interesting about both the Ioniq 5/Kia EV6 and bZ4X?

A cool feature I discovered is that both the Ioniq 5 and bZ4X will offer a a solar recharging system that “cleverly recharges the battery while stationary, and further enhances the unique environmental performance of a BEV.”
Welcome to the forum @wanders! I hope at the very least the BZ4X matches the Ioniq 5's specs. Hopefully it exceeds it though. Toyota has been dragging their feet on EVs and needs to stand out against the competition.
Me too! I'm hoping BZ4X would have the same level as Ioniq 5. I found out that BZ4X has a very high charging speed (something like 80% battery charged in 10min using the 800v charger). Anyone knows where we can find the specs on BZ4X yet?
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