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We're a few days in on the pretty serious-sounding "your wheels might fall off" recall and I'm curious if anyone here has heard from their dealer.

The language in the recall notice is super clear:
"No one should drive these vehicles until the remedy is performed."
"Toyota dealer will pick up the vehicle and provide a loaner vehicle FREE OF CHARGE to the owner."

full link here: Toyota is conducting a safety recall involving 2023 model year bZ4X vehicles - Toyota USA Newsroom

So I'm curious what people here have heard. Do you have your loaner yet (and what did you get)? Did they come pick up the car or did you drive it in?

And lastly, have they given you any info on what they'll be doing to fix it and how long it will take?

Also, with all that has been mentioned so far. there have been several people that were able to get written agreements to keep it parked in their own garage! If i had mine by now, that's exactly what i would have fought for! I don't need the dealership banging it up or someone hitting it in the parking lot, or some tech guy fooling around inside!... AND, i would have asked for something more comparable! (not some dumb Corolla!).... I have also heard they are paying for all the gas too! which is nice.

I just hope, for everyone, that this is SHORT and they get it fixed ASAP... I hope anyone that has one, because i bet they'll be catered to first, will report here or on facebook that they've gotten the fix underway on their car!
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