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Hidden Features, only the Dealership typically has access to...

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I just watched a video from Toyota Jeff... it seems this is the first video that actually had someone actively backing up for an extended time...

And, as I suspected, it has the dumb backup chime going for the FULL amount of time you are backing up! This is just like the Prius. Although, I made sure the dealership changed this setting the day i picked up my Prius Prime, from Constant beep/chime to ONE beep when you put it into reverse! Oh my, this saves some major announce!

And, if you're going to asking if you can turn it off all together, that would be a BIG FAT NO! (Unless they've updated it to do so for the bZ4X)... I actually like at least ONE beep, so you know for sure you put it into reverse!

Another item I'll be having changed is the "Lane Change" feature. This is where if you soft touch up/down it will blink the default 3 times. I changed my Prius Prime to 5 because 3 is just too short (you can go as high as 7). Some dealerships can't seem to find these settings! duh! TRAINING. So, if they don't do it for me, i have some software that will do it, if it will recognize the bZ4X. (just plug in my laptop, ... although i heard now you can do it with the Carista app on your phone and a cheap OBD2 adapter plugged into your car).
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