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We purchased an AWD Bz4X yesterday. I had been researching BEVs for months wanting to make the plunge, but the bz was not on my radar until one was posted at our local dealer Monday (another customer ordered it months ago and it was manufactured in April, 2022, but by the time it was released after the recall period that customer didn't want it - serendipity for us (and I didn't ask if they lost their deposit . . .). We will likely use it 95% in-town to get to school and work and run errands. We don't have any freeways and the trips are short, so pretty good use for a BEV.

While I'm nervous that it is such a new model and Toyota's first BEV, I was mollified by the approach that Toyota took in emphasizing battery longevity and that fact that Toyota has a lot of experience with batteries in hybrid vehicles. Also helps to know they've been shipping them around the world for several months before they made it to the states. And I want to trust that Toyota isn't going to let its first BEV be a bust. I also bought the extend bumper-to-bumper warranty (i.e. Platinum coverage), even though I tend to believe such things aren't worth it in the typical case. It was $2,945 if anyone is trying to compile that info (I'd seen some reports c. 2018 that the same thing for a Tacoma was about half that amount).

It has been interesting to see how little the dealership knows about the car (though ours is the first Bz it's sold) and amazingly the car apparently shipped without printed owners manuals and supposedly none are available right now. I do appreciate that they are available for download, but I guess the car feels a bit incomplete without one weighing it down.

Also a bit disappointed that the factory roof rails are not available and the dealer has no information about when they will be or what they will cost. And the the "utility hitch" is only 1 1/4", expensive, and would mean disabling the foot actuation feature for the rear hatch.

Interesting in our test drives that the estimated range was over 290 when using induction heaters, but dropped to near 200 as soon as we turned on the HVAC climate systems. If we can get close to that without blowing air to cool and heat us, that would be great. And it shows what a power draw the systems we are used to are (I'm guessing hey affect gas MPG more than most of us think). I look forward to paying attention to miles/kW-hr to see how other features and driving habits affect efficiency.

But excited for how the car drives, that we have a much safer vehicle than the one it replaces, and never having to change oil.

I appreciate the posts on here - the link to the Swedish tests showing how much battery is in reserve at zero (which I think highlight Toyota's approach to promoting battery longevity) was especially helpful. And the members' quests for additional rims and winter tires are helpful because I am hunting for both.

I look forward to contributing any experiences and knowledge I can over time.

Cancel your Extended warranty at that price!!!

You can get one for $1360 for a 10 yr. / 100k....

either call:
Jennifer Taylor at Lexus of Ann Arbor - 734-996-1662 [email protected]

Or there is another place that does the pricing almost as good as she can!

Yes, you can cancel and get your money back and yes you can setup a new one anytime!!!
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