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Greetings from new member

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Hello all; last week bought a new bZ4x Limited in Tuscaloosa, Al. Background - I have been driving electric almost exclusively for over 10 years - started with a Nissan Leaf (which I leased and gave back to dealer after 3 years - battery was shot), and since then a Tesla Model S (which I still have). The bZ4X is for wife to use around town; will continue to use the Tesla for our frequent cross-country trips. From what I have read so far about charging, the bZ4X seems to be most suited as a city car. The car has a few odd quirks, which I will post about and see what others think. Generally, I like it, and we have already put 500 miles on it.
  • I have a few "wish list" items for things to be added/improved in software (is there a matching forum topic?)
  • Also, I have a couple of questions about the car's features & subscriptions; not sure where to post these.
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Hey @ab4ej1 welcome to the forum and congrats on buying your bZ4X! What kind of features/improvements would you want to see from the software?
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