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Welcome to the forum @The Finn. What winter tires are you running on the bZ? How much has range dropped on average? Would love to see pics of it in that winter wonderland!
Hi all,
I’ e been a bZ4x owner since the end of November here in Finland. The winter friction tires are by the brand Nokian Hakkapeliitta. I am used to drive FWD vehicle and been doing fine. The range drops when it is minus degrees in Celsius. I do charge normally 80% and it allows me to drive 250 km when it is minus 10 degrees in C. Consumtion was 23-25 kWh/100 km. Consumption drops till 16-20 kWh in the weather of +3-6 degrees in celsius. This was achieved when the heatpump was off.
Mostly I charge at home with 6,6 kW(25 A). It takes time but it is easy to charge during night.

Waiting for the updates. Charging in puolic stations has bees extreamly slow.
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