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Edit: Hold off on this thread - may be misreading the whole article....

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Update: It was initially read that there would be new vehicles to replace the current ones that cannot be fixed. Seems it's just loaner cars until a fix is found. Sorry for jumping the gun!.


It sounds like an easy fix but apparently not. A new report from Seeking Alpha says all of the first Solterra and bZ4x models that rolled off the assembly line cannot be fixed. The report says Toyota states that there is no remedy to cure the faulty wheels available at this time, and customers will receive a free replacement vehicle pending a resolution of the problem.
There goes the $7,500 tax credit and depending on how long it takes, the $3,750 might be gone by then too!

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Hello everyone.

I visited my dealer today in the UK. When I ordered my bz4x, next day global recall started. So they couldnt put my order in Toyota. I have contract only between me and Toyota dealer. Sales guy told me that I am veey lucky and there is one cancellation for same trim bz4x premier, and they will be giving me that car in September as they couldn't create order yet for me.

I dont know if I can trust him but he sounded quite authentic 馃槉 let see finger crossed.
I'd be asking for that in writing, and ask him about putting a deposit down to secure it, with YOUR NAME on it. Otherwise, salespeople are known to blow a lot of smoke :)
I asked that actually and he told me that they cant do put my name. Basicly, they cant change the order until car receives in the dealer garage. Toyota doesnt allow them to change name. It is possible only when car is delivered to dealer. I dont know if he lied or just telling truth 馃槉 this might be only in the UK maybe.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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