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Distance vs battery charge

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Are you guys experiencing a significant difference between the distance you can go on a charge vs the actual distance you do?
I must say this weekend, I am getting a little frustrated concerning this topic, I am on a 1200km drive back and forth.

The problem is I charge the vehicle to have enough battery to get to the other charger and as we drive (no A/C needed) I will be forces to stop before what I planned because the car tells me I can't make it.

Even if I had enough when I left, how can I plan a reliable trip if the car doesn't go the distance it tells me? I know the update was out on Friday buI the car doesn't tell me I have a pending update.

What are you guys going through?
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As weather warms up between 50f to 70f here in Northeast USA i am getting exact mile to mile. In some case no AC running more than what it shows because of regenerative charging.
I am getting between 3.5 - 4.5 miles/kwh usage. In winter it is between 3 -3.5 miles/kwh with heat running. In extreme cold like between 20F to 32F it drops to 2 -3 miles/kwh.
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We usually use A Better Route Planner to help plan stops and charging percentages to aim for.
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