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Curt 2-inch Hitch Receiver/Accessory Mount for bZ4x/Solterra

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Curt is offering a 2" hitch accessory mount for the bZ4x/Solterra: Hitch Accessory Mount, 2" Receiver, Select Subaru Solterra, Toyota BZ4X

Available here for $271.14 (USD): 2023 Toyota BZ4X Trailer Hitch |

This is of interest because Toyobaru's accessory mount is a 1 1/4" receiver, so very limited in the bike racks and accessories it will take. Also, Curt's is rated for 200 lbs. rather than 100 lbs.

Here are installation instructions: Download

Looks a bit tricky but doable for those of us able to deal with plastic body panels and having patience fishing bolts through small openings.

And here's what it supposedly looks like:
Tire Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting

I understand that the factory one requires disabling the foot-opening function of the rear hatch for those of us that have that feature, so not sure if a trip to a dealer is required.

Has anyone installed one of these? Anyone willing to take the plunge and report results to the rest of us?
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Ordered. I'll update the post with photos once I receive and install it.

FYI... The link you posted for the installation instructions re-directs to U-Haul.

I updated the link to the instructions above - if it goes haywire again, it is from the Curt website.

Also, I learned that EcoHitch is purportedly coming out with a 2" receiver soon:
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