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bZ4X VIN related questions - QR code NOT working

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For those of you that purchased a bZ4X that is early in the manufacturing stage would notice that your VIN will come up as a Subaru (VIN confusion)... a Campaign code: 22TC09 was issued with the NHTSA to address the issue and to help people clarify this issue with their Insurance company, state, or other company that may need to verify the VIN.

I noticed over a month ago that the STICKER they placed inside the driver's side door that has a QR code on it, says to scan it for more info. This is supposed to take you to a Toyota web-page that allows you to either plug your car in or simply download the letter with the Campaign 22TC09 stating that it is in fact a TOYOTA not a Subaru.

The PROBLEM? It no longer takes you to this site!!! IT takes you to a Maintenance plan site by Toyota... no where on that page can you actually find this information.

I alerted Toyota about this a month ago and they still haven't fixed it... What good does it do to have this QR code in the car if it is of NO HELP!?!?

Is it just me? and my phone? am I crazy, or can any of you get this QR code to take you to the site (you'd have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the link to get the PDF... at least that's what it used to do).

Side note, I even had a funny thing happen a couple months ago when i took my bZ4X into my TOYOTA dealership and they scanned the VIN (bar-code in the door, NOT the QR code) and it pulled up as a Subaru... It wouldn't have been that noticeable, but they had to replace the 12v battery and the Parts department said, "why did he bring it here?? Send him down the street to Subaru to have that warranty part replaced" HA HA... they had no clue about the VIN-confusion and proceeded to call Toyota about it. (they didn't even know about the QR code, but it wouldn't have helped them!).
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I’m having exactly the same problem and same think happened when I scanned the QR code. Also, was not able to fill my tax return because TurboTax was detecting a mistake on my VIN, telling me that my VIN was for another car owner. I’m applying for the Electric Car federal Tax credit so I need my VIN to work. I’m back and forth with the Dealership and Toyota Engagement Brand Service since 3 weeks. But today, for no reason that I’m aware, TurboTax accepted my Tax return. I still don’t have access to that letter that they mentioned and that ever owners should have received.
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