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I did just read something similar, but yours is a bit more detailed!.. that's if the timing hits just perfect!

This is what I found:
the full $7,500 credit is available until the end of the quarter when the 200,000-unit mark is hit, and for two following quarters. After that, tax credit drops to $3750 (50% of the original) for the next two quarters, then down to $1875 for another two quarters. After that, there will be no more tax credits Toyota-branded electrified vehicles.

I'm hoping that we do in fact get that $7500 through the end of September, if not a bit longer. That's if i can get a hold of one of these by then!... If not, I may be shifting my efforts more to the Solterra. (which I have my name on a few list there too!).
Actually, the full credit is only good for one full quarter after the quarter in which 200,000 EV's are sold. The 3,750 starts at the start of the 2nd quarter after the quarter in which 200,000 mark is hit.

Assuming that Toyota hasn't hit the magic number yet and crosses it this quarter, then the credit would fall to $3,750 start October (4th quarter).

And for the record, I'm in the same boat on the credit. I would jump to the Solterra at that point if I could (I'm not on any sort of list for those at the moment but I probably should).
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