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BZ4X TPMS Registration

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Hi all,

I recently swaped the wheels on my new bz4x and the new wheels have TPMS sensors in them. Toyota allows for 2 sets of sensor to be stored in the car's memory. There is a procedure in the manual on how to register a new set but even though I follow the manual precisely, I don't get any result - no success, no errors, no messages. Nothing.

The manual says that some message will be displayed on the screen whether the registration is in process/complete or failed. I don't get anything at all.

I go to the TPMS Settings - register new ID, choose a new set, then I get wheels displayed with no information on the pressure and I have to start driving at this point. As soon as I start driving, the screen goes back to the previous menu with the choice of the wheel set and nothing happens.

I was wondering if anyone tried to register a second set of sensors and how you did it.

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It might be important for those who intend to use aftermarket wheels with aftermarket sensors.

bz4x is a new vehicle and TPMS manufacturers are adding the vehicle to their databases right now. However, as I have seen in a few cases (it may be more) the specs that they are putting in their software about bz4x do not match specs of the North American cars.

As the example, one of the manufacturers - Autel added the following information on bz4x TPMS:

Product Mobile phone Communication Device Telephony Gadget
Telephony Telephone Computer keyboard Mobile phone Communication Device

As you can see the part number is 4260702070 and the frequency listed as 433MHz, which is normally the frequency for the cars distributed in Europe.

The part number also doesn't match that for the NA bz4x. Toyota has the following number:
Font Microphone Screenshot Audio equipment Parallel

Therefore, programming the sensors, using bz4x specs may result in the car being unable to recognize them.
I tried to clone the OEM sensors with the bz4x specs and the tool wasn't picking up the signal.

Instead, what you should do is search for a car with the 315MHz sensors and with the TPMS part number 4260702050, which is part number for bz4x.

One of the examples would be 2021-2022 Toyota Venza, which has the same sensors:

Mobile phone Product Telephony Communication Device Portable communications device
Light Communication Device Telephony Portable communications device Gadget

Choosing Venza specs will allow you to program the sensors that bz4x will recognize or cloning your OEM sensors.

After you program the sensors, you need to register them in the car.

Luckily, bz4x allows to store 2 sets of the sensors and switch between them in seconds.

The procedure is described in the manual and it's relatively straightforward:

Turn you car off and leave for ~15 minutes.
Then turn the car on
Go to the settings -> TPWS Settings -> Tire Set Switching -> Register New Valve/ID -> Tire set 1 or 2
Then you need to drive for a while with the average speed over 40km/h and the TPMS warning signal should disappear in 10-30 minutes.

The only difference between the manual and the reality is that I didn't get any messages on the screen that are described in the manual. I had to rely only on the TPMS warning signal.

It should blink slowly 3 times and you will know that the registration process has started. Then you need to start driving and watch the warning signal blink for a minute or so. After that the warning signal will stay solid until the registration process is completed. You won't get any notifications if it's successful but the light will disappear.
Another way to know that you're successful is obviously the tire pressure readings or if you go to the settings -> TPWS Settings -> Tire Set Switching, in addition to the "Register New Valve/ID ", you would see another option "Register Valve/ID" now active, showing that now you can switch between your tire sets.

You should be good to go.
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