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BZ4X Software Update Plan in Japan

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Translated by Apple iPhone Notes:

On April 22, 2023, Toyota announced a software update for the 5-seater SUV electric car "bZ4X". It has been exactly one year since the sales started, and it was decided to be implemented this time after receiving feedback from the market. This applies to all vehicles, including those already delivered. bZ4X is a BEV dedicated to the subscription service "KINTO" The bZ4X is a 5-seater 100% electric car (BEV) released by Toyota on May 12, 2022. The body size is 4690mm in length x 1860mm in width x 1650mm in height. It is the same middle size as the company's Harrier and RAV4, and is suitable for the Japanese road environment. Toyota has announced that it will release 30 BEV models by 2030, starting with this bZ4X.

The bZ4X is the first part of the bZ series, and it is the first model that adopts the BEV dedicated platform "e-TNGA" jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru. Subaru sells sibling cars under the name of "Solterra". By the way, this bZ4X is a dedicated car for Toyota's subscription service "KINTO" for domestic individuals, and the grade is Z only. The vehicle price is 6 million yen (FWD) and 6.5 million yen (4WD). It has been exactly one year since bZ4X came out, and Toyota will update its software to reflect the feedback from the market. It will be carried out free of charge, including vehicles that have already been delivered, as well as vehicles that will be delivered in the future. In addition, this update is also scheduled to be deployed to Subaru Solterra. The main improvements are "improvement of fast charging performance", "improvement of range display", and "% display of battery". Updates that reflect the voices of users ・Improvement of performance related to fast charging When driving a long distance at once with a BEV, you need to use fast charging on the way. However, the previous bZ4X was limited to about twice a day for fast charging from the viewpoint of battery protection. Therefore, when driving long distances in a day using bZ4X, it was not possible to move more than the distance that can be driven with the limited number of times. With this improvement, the number of times of this usage limit will be changed to about 2 times. This is in response to the voices of users who use bZ4X mainly in Europe, where they often travel long distances. In addition, with this software update, the time it takes to fully charge with fast charging from 80% or more of the battery will be reduced by about 20 to 30 minutes. Of course, the time depends on the outside temperature, but this performance change will benefit in the scene of using fast charging to fill up the charge. ・Improvement of cruising range on the meter Some people will always be concerned about the cruising distance displayed on the meter when riding a BEV. Therefore, in bZ4X, the range that is not displayed on the meter is set so that it can run until the next charging location is found even after the cruising distance is displayed as 0 km on the meter. Other companies' BEVs are also set the same as Toyota, but in the case of bZ4X, the "invisible" range was set to be quite long compared to other companies' BEVs. In this improvement, this "invisible" range will be about the same as other companies, and the range on the meter display will increase. However, it should be noted that this improvement only increases the "visible" range display, which does not mean that the range on the actual catalog will increase. After all, when you ride a BEV, there is no doubt that moving with plenty of room for the remaining charge will create a psychological stability. In addition, the display of the range distance when using the air conditioner will be changed to match the actual situation. Until now, when you turn on the air conditioner, it was displayed shorter than the distance you can actually run. This is said to display more realistic figures in this improvement. ・% display of battery level Like smartphones, I want to see the battery level of BEV in % display instead of the cruising distance or scale. In response to the voices coming out of such a market, with this improvement, the remaining charge will be able to display %. I'm also happy that you can display % at the same time as the km display. Also, this is not limited to driving, and you can check it at % while charging. This update needs to be brought to the dealer. This improvement applies to all car models, including vehicles that have already been delivered. So, how will this update be done? All work is done free of charge at the dealer. Therefore, users who have already been delivered need to bring it to a nearby Toyota dealer. In this regard, it is regrettable that it can not be updated on the display of each vehicle with OTA (Over The Air) like Volvo and Tesla. I want to look forward to this area in the future. In addition, this update will be applied to the brother car Subaru Solterra as well. I want to wait for future announcements for details such as Subaru's update method and implementation schedule. According to a Toyota spokesperson, software updates like this will continue to be made by the voice of the market. Such an improvement, in which the voice of the actual user is directly returned to the user without waiting for a model change, should be very welcome. In the future, user feedback will be more likely to be more reachable to creators.

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I got my BZ4X end of last year and have been waiting for these updates from Toyota. I can’t wait to get these here in the US.
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