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As the subject implies. This is to help people who are planning or thinking of doing a CA Lemon Law claim on BZ4X.

As we all know Toyota release a safety recall for the 2023 BZ4X all models on June 22nd 2022. Some got their cars towed back to the delearship as the recall state to "Do not drive" the car for the reason of the wheels may fall off.

I know some of you seen my comments and replies on some of the post here in the forum.

I had my BZ4X towed back on June 23 and its been over a month now. Due to the lack of communication coming from Toyota USA and also due to a lot of manufacturing shutdown in Japan the repair or remedy for the said recall is no where in sight. We are all waiting, getting anxious and stressed as we have a $50K worth of vehicle sitting at the dealership or in some cases in our garage.

I did some research and read some info about the CA Lemon Law

This is the website I frequent a lot and read some info about CA Lemon Law California Lemon Law Lawyers - Cline APC Legal Group please do check the BLOG and FAQ for some information.(Please do your own research and make a thorough decision and consult with a lawyer)

I decided to consult with this firm and see if there is a possible case for the BZ4X to claim under the CA Lemon Law. I had a phone conversation with the lawyer and told me that there is a case since 1. it's been more than 30 days in the dealership with no fix coming from the manufacturer (again not the dealership) 2. The recall has the information of wheels may fall off that can cause a crash (what sucks is Toyota intently remove the words or phrase can cause accident/fatality)

I am now in the process of deciding of proceeding with the claim or wait. Wait because I really do love the BZ4X and the brand Toyota. I have the Retainer Agreement with the law firm and just holding off to sign it.*Edit also since I am reading some owner posting on different discussion boards that Toyota may provide an update next week.

The lawyer also mention to me a 2nd option becuase I mentioned about how Toyota posted 2 months worth of payment on my loan. The lawyer said what if they offer "cash and keep" would I accept it? I said possible but I am not sure which also I mentioned that is a good option to have if in a case a buy back or refund did not go through.
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