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Another Tesla Price Drop - Model Y starts at $46,990

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The article speculates that this is likely a function of trying to spark enough demand to sell the number of vehicles Tesla is producing. The article notes that there has been a mind-boggling swing of 24% in the Model Y's price from the highs of last year.

The Model Y is eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit, unlike the bZ4X. That means the Model Y undercuts a base XLE FWD bZ4X after the tax credit. Probably not a big surprise that there are bZ4Xs sitting on lots with discounts.

Unlike Tesla, though, Toyota isn't counting on selling truckloads of bZ4Xs, so I doubt we'll see any big push by Toyota in response to Tesla. Also makes the claims of some of the Tesla fans about bypassing "greedy" dealers with ADM laughable. Tesla was tacking on their own "ADM" when demand was strong. Those suckers just didn't realize it.
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