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Only the regular Crown is coming to the US. This will be the sixteenth generation of Crown. Toyota intends to go global with the Crown by introducing these models in around 40 countries and regions around the world. It estimates to sell about 200,000 vehicles a year once all four will become available by early 2024. As far as tuning goes, GR and Modellista have already shown the tuned car:
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Toyota Crown Extended Lineup Previewed With Three Additional Cars
2023 Toyota Crown Revealed: A Hybrid Sedan That Thinks It's A Crossover
2023 Toyota Crown Already Upgraded With GR And Modellista Parts
I think its unfortunate that they didn't release a PLUG-IN (Prime) version! They promised two years ago that they would announce a 2nd Prime vehicle, seams odd they are releasing these new vehicles without announcing the other Prime. Hmmm.
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