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  1. 2023+ Toyota BZ General Discussion Forum
    I have had a long history with Toyota’s Prius family. We first had a 2007 Prius. When the Prius C came out, I bought myself one and loved it. When the Prius prime came out I ordered one and six months later got a 2018 model. I love my Prius prime in electric mode, but do not like it in gas...
  2. 2023+ Toyota BZ Reviews
    (photo courtesy of cnet) For my comfort and economy the BZ4X is the best Toyota I have driven that fits my needs 90% of my driving life. I am not an engineer, professional driver or YouTube Automotive review guy. Just a standard Dad who is trying to convince his teenage kids that he is cool...
  3. 2023+ Toyota BZ Dealers, Prices And Orders
    My name is Reeve King, we have two BZ4X Limited’s on our lot and available! We are selling them at invoice due to them being on our lot for 30 days. For more information feel free to call or text me at (404) 632-2182
  4. 2023+ Toyota BZ General Discussion Forum
    I work for a Toyota Dealership in Colorado. We have two BZ4X Limited’s on our lot and available!! Feel free to call or text for more information 404-632-2182
  5. 2023+ Toyota bZ4X Discussion Forum
    My dealership has 3 BZ4x’s on our lot and available! We sell to out of state, if you have a trade can maybe get below MSRP. Located in Colorado.
  6. 2023+ Toyota bZ4X Discussion Forum
    And what if one were to take delivery today, in December of 2022? With a pre-8/16/22 binding contract in hand—$3,750 or $7,500? There’s been a lot of speculation—and a great lack of clarity—about how exactly the tax credit phase-out for Toyota [reducing maximum tax credit for their EV’s to...
  7. 2023+ Toyota bZ4X Discussion Forum
    Finally!!! Details from Toyota Japan and looks like they discovered airbag problem too: トヨタ リコール等情報 | 2022年 | bZ4Xのリコール Corrections (translated): Details of improvement (1)All vehicles will be inspected for the installation status of the straps for assisting the deployment of the...
  8. 2023+ Toyota BZ News
    I just read that the problem with bZ4X is not an easy fix. Please read below link: The 2023 Subaru Solterra was a success right out of the gate, and Subaru of America sold its initial allotment quickly. But...
  9. 2023+ Toyota BZ News
    EVs are one of the hottest topics in the automotive industry, and if recent trends are any indication, they are only going to get hotter. While EV adoption rates rise, there is still some hesitation by some to move into the space, a lot of which can be attributed to long-standing misconceptions...
1-9 of 9 Results